The Honest Farmer’s Dog

coin address 0xb262a485d98d8e19175818d47453e7812ca255a8
organically deployed on Avalanche

heirloom coinLaunched on AVAXthe honest coin
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The Honest Farmer’s Dog
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About Bingo
After the defeat of Sauron by the halflings in the end of the third age, my uncle at blizzard created the World of Warcraft. A young skeleton named vitalik buterin was playing his warlock in my uncle’s game but when he was nerfed, vitalik created the ethereum blockchain network to decentralize his spells. Thus, a new entity was born: the on-chain memecoin. The memecoin became such a successful product that the ethereum network congested, requiring the impoverished hordes to pay $200 swap fees. In a stroke of grace, the the Avalanche Foundation created a new layer 1 chain where people can trade their on-chain memecoins. On this auspicious year of 2024, the year of the golden bull, you have discovered BINGO, launched on an astrologically significant moment on the AVAX network heralding the arrival of the age of aquarius in your wallet. For who is the farmer without the water? And without the BINGO dog to protect his sheep from the hungry wolves of the night?
one hundred million (100,000,000) BINGO coin
0% tax on buy/sell (espiritus americanus)