The Infamous BINGO Barkpaper

Written by Thomas Edison
Bark bark woof! Bingo Token, (ticker $BINGO), ruff ruff bark! ERC-20, *wag tail* crypto token *panting*. Cryptographically secured future of bark.
1. Introduction
Woof woof! Bingo Token, ERC-20, bark bark. Sniff sniff, memetoken, tail wag. Woof!
2. Innovation to the ERC-20 Standard
Bark bark, woof woof! ERC-20, wag tail, much smart contract, so crypto, sniff sniff! Bingo Token, in the big dog park of Avalanche ecosystem, wag tail, ERC-20 standard, bark! Like chasing tail, but with rules, woof! Sniff sniff, "transfer function"! Bark bark, ERC-20, move Bingo Token, like fetching stick, but in blockchain. Wag tail, from one account to another, woof! Smart contract, like smart doggo, knows ERC-20, bark bark, transfer, woof woof!
Approval mechanism, sniff sniff, trust like good boy! ERC-20, wag tail, allows approve, like human says "fetch"! Bingo Token, give permission, like waiting for treat, smart contract, woof, can take token, but only with bark of approval, wag wag!
So, ERC-20, bark bark, like dog park rules for Bingo Token. Wag tail, sniff smart contract, bark transfer, woof approve. Much crypto, so ERC-20, wag wag, good boy, Bingo Token!
3. Paw-erful Tokenomics
  • Total Supply: Bark bark, 100 million Bingo Tokens, woof!
  • Bark Allocation: 50% pee pee pool, 20% fren treats, 10% liquidity incentives, 10% dogwalking team, 5% barketing, 5% strategic ruffsources
  • 0% Bark Tax: No fee, sniff sniff, bark! (except on launch)
4. Tail Wagging Utility (REAL!)
  • Bark Speed Transactions: Fast woof, ERC-20, wag tail, bark! Zoomies <3 uwu bark bark.
  • Sniff Secure: Sniff sniff, secure, ERC-20, bark bark! No bad smells allowed.
  • Decentralizing the Future of Dog Park: Centralized dog park bad. Decentralized good. Good dog! *panting happily* tokens in paws, decentralize the future of the dog park, bark bark.
69. Conclusion
Bark bark woof woof! Bingo Token (ticker $BINGO), ERC-20, tail wag, much crypto, so wow, bark! Future of dog park sniff sniff, such utility *farts* good dog, B-I-N-G-O.